Tomorrow night ? Honeymoon on Ice(loader) ?

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If you read my blog post religiously, you may have spotted in the article I made about unpacking IcedID that I mentioned that I couldn’t find an automated way to unpack it, and it made me sad. And what do we do when we are sad ? Yeah, we work on Malware stuff.

Let’s get technical

I tried a couple of things, without much success. The packer uses A LOOOOOOT of forand while loop, making it almost impossible for an emulator like Qiling to run it. It also makes it harder to understand what is going on. I let that sink, until one day, @c3rb3ru5d3d53c showcased her new project :

I found it very cool, and she gave me a lead on how to proceed with my problem :

I never did this kind of thing, but it was about time ! First I needed to understand exactly how the packer proceed.

💡 : Because of how the code is made, I can’t really show interesting screenshots as execution is scattered in all places

It first loads two chunks of data from its PE sections. At the time of writing, there is three possibility :

  • .rdata and
  • .ndata and .data
  • .data (both chunks are inside)

One chunk is actually the obfuscated/encrypted/encoded packed executable, the other one is only use during the decryption process.

Then the payload gets decoded, and decrypted using a hard-coded value (it’s the first 4 bytes of .data divided by 512, I also refer to it as “marker” when in the 3rd variant) Afterward, there is an obfuscation that takes place, however the code changes between samples… How to overcome this ? Despite not being the same, the code looks the same, meaning I can catch the pattern with a Yara rule… Which I did.

comparison of three code variants \n

I get the code, and run it using Unicorn or Qiling.

💡 : As a principle, I always prefer when computers handle the hard work

And here we are, at the final stage ! The second chunk of data is finally used to decrypt the packed executable.

Only IcedID ?

When doing this research, I was focused on IcedID. To test my code on multiple samples I made a Yara Rule and a retro hunt using Risk Mitigation.

💡 : I couldn’t sell my whole family just to pay for VirusTotal… Sorry about this

Guess what I found ? Not only IcedID, but also Bazar, like one from this campaign.

So either the packer is available for sale on some forums, or the two groups shares tools sometimes.

I couldn’t really find much more info on this, or maybe there is none available. Maybe you, who are reading this, have more info on the subject ! If so, do not hesitate to hit me up on Twitter !

Cleaning our hands, for real this time

That’s it, now we can really be clean, as I made three scripts in order to automate and make your life easier :

The first one is a python script, as simple as that. It uses Unicorn for code emulation, and decrypt the IcedID config… If the unpacked executable is an IcedID sample, of course.

The second is a Karton Unpacker module, so you can use it in your Karton pipeline.

The last one is a mwcfg module, you can decrypt an IcedID sample config with it.


And here we are. From what I know, it’s the only public work on Iceloader, so it’s like when you find a dinosaur species : you can name it whatever you want. It’s not really my idea, it came from @c3rb3ru5d3d53c, but I like it. Otherwise I would have given it a Pokémon name (most likely Regice).

Hope you liked what you just read, and also my work ! This was really fun to do, despite not making great advance every day, as I’m doing everything during my free time, so it’s like 1-2hours a day :(. But overall a really cool challenge !